The poor cable guy

So last week I was whining and moaning about Suddenlink. They didn't show up, twice, they screwed up the internet, twice. I can't live without my internets...

Anyway, cut to yesterday. Suddenlink sent someone new out to my house to try to fix the problem. And this guy wasn't cranky. He actually was nice, polite, and he knew what he was doing!! I nearly kissed him.

Nearly, but not quite. And not just because I have an Alpha Man (which I do) and he was wearing a wedding ring (which he was). But because he stepped in puppy poo.

In my house.

It's hard to recover from that...

So in conclusion, I take back all the bad things I was thinking about Suddenlink last week. And also, I have four full bars of reception for the first time all year. It's like Christmas.

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