A bunny. In the house.

I'd ask why me, but you know there's not really an answer to that question. All I know is that Middle started screaming there was something alive in the house. And that the something had come out of Frat Boy's mouth.

He'd brought whatever it was in from outside and was holding it in his mouth like he does a ball. Which is surprisingly gently. When he set it down on his bed, the poor wet, soggy thing just sat there, shivering with terror.

Because both me and Middle were screaming and sitting on the kitchen counter, brave Youngest had to catch it.

It was a baby bunny. It wasn't moving, not even a nose twitch. So she brought it outside to Alpha Man to determine if we'd killed it with all our yelling and hollering and carryings on.

Poor baby bunny. He wouldn't so much as blink no matter what we did. I was afraid that there was something seriously wrong with him but he appeared to be breathing just fine. Alpha Man held him for a long time and still nothing. No movement. The kids were going nuts with the "is he okay?" and the "let's keep him".

I need another thing to take care of like I need a hole in my head. No way, no how was this going to happen but I have to admit, the little guy was scaring me with his lack of movement. Finally we set him in the wild flowers in the yard to see if he'd go find his mama.

And he did. He hopped off into the sunset.

Frat Boy is still pouting.

How about you guys, have you ever rescued anything?

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