I've been remiss!

Update: Winners are #102 Rypleigh, #172 Donna Antonio, #210 Sib, and #327 Cathie Tweed. Congrats, email me with a few book choices, your addy, and paper or ebook. :)

Original Post: Last week I had a contest and forgot to name the winners. I'm so sorry! I blame exhaustion. Isn't that what the stars do when they'd derail? Oh, wait, that's usually cuz it turns out they need rehab. No worries, I do NOT need rehab. I do, however, need a serious nap. And maybe some cookies. But I digress!

I owe you another contest with lots of winners.

So without further ado, name the book this excerpt is from. Then come back and check first thing in the morning, I promise to have the winners posted!


A few snowflakes dusted his head and the shoulders of his heavy winter coat. He wore a black hoodie beneath it, hood up over the ball cap, jeans that were taut over his hard thighs, and ass kicking boots.

He looked heart-stoppingly amazing.

Twelve years and he still amped her pulse rate. It wasn't fair, not one little bit, and it took more than a little bit of concentration to focus on the task at hand instead of his hard muscled body. "I was waiting for you," she said. "And fell asleep."

His silence was disconcerting. He was probably trying to figure out how to leave her on the side of the road. She straightened and tried to look unleavable. "I didn't want you to go without me," she added.

"Going without you was the plan, Holly."

"Yes, well, the plan sucked,

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