You ever start driving somewhere, and then halfway there suddenly think "crap, where am I going again?" I hope you do.

Cuz I do.

It happened to me this weekend. I was heading to the post office, but the problem is that I rarely ever go to the post office. So halfway there, I turned left when I should have gone straight. Because left would take me to town, where I drive all the time.

I got half a block before I realized what I'd done.


I might have executed an illegal u-turn. Hey, it was just a little one! Oh, and because this is me, of course there was a cop car parked off to the side. He waggled a warning finger at me but didn't put his car in gear. I figure I got really lucky and he was waiting for someone, or hey, maybe I'm just that cute.


In any case, I am grateful because I had no idea what my defense might be. "Sorry, Officer, I actually forgot where I was going, please don't take my license away for being an idiot?"


So let's hear it. One of your stupid maneuvers while driving.

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