Caption please

Okay so let me set the scene for you, shall I? I went outside to get the mail and came back to find the rug all jumbled up, the cat sitting on top of it looking PISSED OFF, and Frat Boy trying to look invisible. Clearly SOMETHING happened in the twenty-five seconds i was gone. The question is what. The cat's not talking, and neither is Frat Boy.


Your mission, should you accept, is to caption this pic. I will draw THREE names from the comments, who will win a copy of ALWAYS ON MY MIND on the day of release (9/24). Unless you already have it preordered, in which case you may pick whichever book of mine your heart desires.

Go. :twisted:

p.s. don't forget, every one of the first Lucky Harbor novels on are esale for $1.99 wherever you buy your ebooks. Run don't walk. :lol: