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I get a lot of letters asking what's next, and I love that. I have been lax in pimping myself here because I find it easier to talk about cookies, Frat Boy, and my I Love Lucy adventures than I do to talk about my books. I know, I'm silly. But without further ado, here's what the coming months offer. First up, coming 9/24, ALWAYS ON MY MIND.


Sexy firefighter Jack Harper is DEFINITELY Always On My Mind... :twisted:


And then, on Nov. 5th, comes RUMOR HAS IT.


You won't want to miss hot ex-special forces Griffin Reid, trust me.


And then on 12/3, I'm in a special $1.99 anthology collection for Christmas, with A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.


Now brace yourself, this is an ebook only, but it's a very short story that takes place in Lucky Harbor, and you can read it on any ereader, or your computer, or even your phone if that floats your boat. Again, it's SHORT.

There's also going to be CHRISTMAS IN LUCKY HARBOR, a new 2-in-1 collection of the first two Lucky Harbor novels in the stores over the holidays (available 9/24), so if you missed either Simply Irresistible or The Sweetest Thing, you can get them in one volume!


The best news is about this one is that it will include the two short Lucky Harbor novellas I've written that were previously only available as ebooks. So bonus!!! Woot!

Okay, whew. So that brings us to the end of the year. I'm very excited about Jack and Grif, and I can't wait for you to read them. Please click on the excerpts tab above, or the Coming Soon tab for both sneak peeks, excerpts, and more information.

Now. Tell me about you. Whatcha all doing today?

p.s. a very special thank you to Susan Mallery who very sweetly reminded me to add the dates of book releases onto this post, lol. Actually I think her words were "hey, you screwed up!" ;-) Thank goodness for friends who tell it like it is!!!!

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