An I Love Lucy Adventure

Yesterday I told Alpha Man I was going out front to write. Our "out front" is literally the woods. We have a patio there, and a lounge chair that I write in. It's very comfy, let me just start with that. So it should come to no one's surprise then, that I went out there and promptly fell asleep. Only to jerk awake I don't know how many minutes (hours?) later to "woman!". I literally fell out of the chair and promptly found my mad as I stared up at Alpha Man on the upstairs deck.

"What the hell!" I believe were my first words. Not issued nicely, mind you.

He was looking at me with a mixture of annoyance and relief. Which is when he told me he'd been working in his office and from out the window had seen a bear stalking towards me. He could have run down two flights of stairs (losing sight of me in the process) but figured heading straight out the upstairs deck to yell down at me to get inside was the fastest way to wake me up.

Luckily, just him charging through the house and onto the deck scared the bear off, and I SUPPOSE it was rather considerate of him to want to save my life...

Unfortunately I was groggy and discombobulated from the nap -- and still sitting on the ground from where I'd dumped myself out of the lounge chair. So it might be true that I wasn't quite as grateful as I would have been otherwise. "Next time yell gently," I grumbled.

This warranted me one of those alpha man kind of stares that means he's pretty sure I have a screw loose. "Thought you might want to get out of the bear's path," he said.

Right. Dammit. I really hate it when he turns out to be right.