Tuesday's Tidbits

51xqlTGrZ2L._SY346_ Things that annoy me: Wolf spiders. Big hairy mean nasty grumpy aggressive wolf spiders that wait until you're relaxed on the couch devouring Harry Potter and eating bbq potato chips by the pound to crawl out from wherever they live and stare at you like they expect you to scoot over and share.

First of all, I don't share my bbq chips. Ever. Second of all, I can't share because at the sight of the mean spider I jumped up and spilled them all over the couch that I don't let the kids eat on.

Middle eyeballed me, standing there jumping up and down with the willies from seeing the spider, covered in chips, book flying across the room and said "see mom, that's why you're not supposed to eat on the couch".

I need a vacation somewhere far, far away where there are no spiders and especially no teenagers.

What do you need today? Anything, we want to hear it all...

p.s. today is the reprint publication date for ANIMAL MAGNETISM, so if you missed it the first time around, it's back with a new and improved cover (see above). Amazon. BN. And for more pics on how I see the characters, go here peek here.