The shoot

So yesterday a book trailer for the upcoming ALWAYS ON MY MIND was filmed here at the house. I had no idea what to expect so I made everyone clean the place from top to bottom, and hoped for the best. The film crew were from San Francisco and quickly took over the house.

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One of them was afraid of dogs and cats, and he tried to keep this tidbit to himself, the poor guy. But naturally Frat Boy wanted to be in his lap and didn't understand why not everyone wouldn't want a 80 pound lap lab.

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And as it turns out, part of the script involved me making cookies. Now I love eating cookies but making them? Not so much. But I tried.

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There was lots of sitting around and waiting. I don't know what we were waiting for but I got a lot of good thinking in. Thinking about cookies...

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And then there was lots of eating cookies. I think maybe 20 takes of eating cookies. And i have to tell you ... I actually got a little tiny bit tired of cookies. Shock, I know!

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So today, I think I'll stick with chips. Salt and vinegar maybe. Or barbeque. Or sour cream and cheddar ... The possibilities are endless.