Kitty approval?

Update:So many great ones! I had to close my eyes and pick. #32 Ronna D, and #57 Kathleen O. Email me with a few book choices and your addy! Original Post: So Middle is home for the summer and with her comes her pup. The pup has a real name but we (okay me) calls her Dumb Ass. Don't send me letters, I know that's a little bit mean, but imagine that I mean it in the most loving way possible.

Anyway, it's safe to say that Satan-- er, Sadie, isn't on board with having Dumb Ass AND Frat Boy in her house.

At all.

She's been terrorizing both dogs for weeks but for some reason the other day she decided she was above it all, and let Dumb Ass in close.


Then Dumb Ass moved in a little closer and Sadie lifted her head and said something in Cat Speak. Caption the pic below, and I'll draw a few names to win the book of your choice from my backlist.


Go. :twisted: