I Love Lucy Does The Lake

So you all know by now I'm a misplaced city girl in the mountains. When we moved from Los Angeles, we left friends and family behind. One of our closest friends (hi, Carrie!) makes her way up the mountain a couple of times a year, but on her last visit, I was sick and a total dud. Plus it was COLD. Since cold is a distant memory, Alpha Man loaded up the paddle boards and we took Carrie for an adventure. Here's Alpha Man, having unloaded the paddle boards, watching over his harem.

That's Carrie in the far background, looking a little nervous. I believe she'd just said "um ... and you say these things float, right?"

That's Youngest in the middle, jumping onto my paddle board before I could. Damn whippersnapper, moves too fast for me.

Next up, here's Carrie, me, and Youngest (from left to right).

It's the end of our run and I'm pretty sure I'm thinking about the cookies I'd left in my car ...

There's nothing like a glorious summer evening, cookies, and good friends, even if they are thinner and have perkier boobs than I do.