NYC, the pics

Well I survived Book Expo America in NYC last week. Got home at 2 in the morning so I'm a little punchy but I wanted to show you the pics. First of all, the view somewhere between California and New York...


Once I got there, I hit the ground running. I did a huge signing with Kristan Higgins and Robyn Carr, and we met lots of romance readers and had a great time.


Then I got to hang out with Brad Meltzer, whose books (and TV show) I LOVE.


And oh my goodness, the terror of the live interview. Here I am at Google! I love that place. They have snacks on every floor.

photo 1

And then I signed all these books. Hand. Tired. BUT loved meeting readers. So fun.


NYC had a heat wave when we were there. A hideous, wet, sticky, humid heat wave. But NYC, you're still gorgeous.


And last but not least, me and my editor walking to dinner. I have NO idea what the heck I'm doing with all that sass and 'tude but I can explain the shoes. My tootsies had gotten tired of my cute heels.


Had a great time, but I gotta say, there's no place like home....