IT HAD TO BE YOU is hitting the shelves wherever books and ebooks are sold today!!!


First and foremost, let me say upfront, this book starts out a stand alone. You do not have had to read any of the previous Lucky Harbors to enjoy this one.

Also, from past experience and a lot of emails from readers, some of the stores might be slow to shelve it. If you can't find it, do me a huge favor and ask for it? Smooches for the extra effort! But if you're downloading, that baby is ready to go right this very second. So do an author a favor and don't delay. :razz:

As you're reading this, I am on a plane to NYC to head to the Book Expo for the week. I'll be doing a bunch of signings, and even (God help me) playing Family Feud on an author team against a team of librarians. Gulp. No stress there at all... Also, I'm taking Alpha Man, and since his idea of dressing up is tucking his t-shirt into his basketball shorts, this is gonna be interesting.

But back to my book! IT HAD TO BE YOU! Finally here!

She looked up into his face, taking in the scruffy jaw...the eyes that missed nothing and felt her breath catch.

I wrote this book last summer amongst a TON of teen angst, too many dogs (two of them puppies) and a laptop failure. I like to think of this book as The Book That Almost Killed Me Dead.

We've got hot and sexy Lt. Detective Luke Hanover, and he's having a hell of a bad time. After a high profile case goes very bad, he heads to Lucky Harbor to lick his wounds. Instead, he finds a half dressed brunette bombshell talking to herself in his house... Things get a lot stranger. And hotter.

She'd seen something in Luke's eyes, a hollowness that she understood.

Enticed yet? Kindle ... Amazon mass market ... Nook ... B&N mass market...

In the meantime, I'd love to know which of my previous books was your fave. And how you feel about ongoing series, like the two I'm currently writing, Lucky Harbor and the Animal Magnetism series. You like series? You feel over series? Inquiring minds wanna know. Leave a comment and be entered in today's giveaway, your choice from my backlist. :razz: