An I Love Lucy situation

Update: If you answered ALL then you were unfortunately right. :) Winners, randomly drawn are: Leanna H and Lisa Pra. Email me with a few book choices and your addy. :) Original post: Guess which of the following happened to me yesterday. Hint, it was more than one. :( I'll draw names from the correct guesses and you can pick a book from my backlist on me.

1. Got out of bed and stepped in cat yak (which, hey, isn't that what everyone wants to do first thing in the morning?)

2. Nearly got our car insurance cancelled by accident when I forgot to pay the bill. Had to beg the very not-nice customer service rep to forgive me. I tried to offer her a teenager or two as a bribe but she wasn't interested. Darn it.

3. Offered to babysit Middle's puppy for a few hours and then promptly forgot I was doing so. Which is how I ended up stepping in puppy poo. Yes, bare-footed. Joy.

4. Gave Frat Boy his ear infection meds -- twice. And also, thanks to the vet tech who talked me off the ledge about nearly poisoning my baby.

So go ahead and guess... I'll be here taking a badly needed nap. And also eating an entire bag of Pepperidge Farm's Mint Milanos. Because it's not like I'm trying to fit into my big girl clothes for my trip to New York next week (going to Book Expo of America, for those of you in NYC, come see me...)