Best of - what's in your car?

My car is a mess. Truly. It's because I share it with teenagers, dogs, and Alpha Man. If you opened the door right now, you'd find the usual assortment of gum wrappers and maybe last night's Taco Bell wrappers. You'd also find my slippers (I kicked them off while waiting for Youngest to get to the car, and then I left them there because . . . well, I don't have a reason). You'd find at least five half drinken (I know that's not a word, thank you very much) sports drinks because I can't bring myself to throw them away and waste them. You'd find my wallet (actually I hope you'd find my wallet because I can't). You'd find at least four books that I'm reading because I can't stand to be without a book. You'd find a winter survival kit (but God help me if I really got stuck in the winter because I already ate all the food out of it while waiting on a basketball practice that ran long). You'd find at least two sports bags from Middle. You'd find Youngest's hair brush and an assortment of hair ties. You'd find nothing of Oldest. She's the anal one.

So ... don't leave me hanging out here alone. What would we find in your car?