I'm back...

Had fun at the RT reader convention in Kansas City this past week. Hung out with some friends, like Robyn Carr:


Got the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance, which was really great. I don't remember my speech though. That's probably for the best.


Helenkay Dimon and I did a panel on hot heroes that was packed. We had a pretty darn good time. Even if we got stuck on the elevator and were ten minutes later to our own panel. :oops: Thankfully my wonderful editor was there to wrm up the crowd for us and she did a great job.


And we did a lot of laughing. I'm pretty sure one of us had just told a dirty story here.


And then came the signing with a gazillion people. Thankfully I sold out very fast because I was having a hard time sitting still. So I ran out of there like my tush was on fire and this is what was put in my spot for the passersby.


And then a Where In The World Is Jill Shalvis movement hit Twitter. FYI, I was in the bar with Robyn Carr... It's all her fault. Other friends I saw and hung out with and somehow didn't get a picture of were Jaci Burton, Shannan Stacy, Viv Arend, Lauren Dane, Margaret Calhoun, Donna Kauffman, Julie James, Ruthie Knox...and so many more.

Had a little tussle with Southwest Airlines on the way home. They accidentally deleted my boarding passes. As in deleted deleted, and then I had to buy another ticket. Let's just say their customer service rep is getting a call today...

But I'm home. And a little tired. But I'm jumping back into work. Although I might spend some time plotting with my eyes closed on the deck. What are you all doing on this very fine Monday?