Sneak Peek and Giveaway

Update:Drew a few random comments to win a free book from my backlist: Jennifer Vick and Kathy Rando Giannone

Original Post: So I wrote this whole I Love Lucy story up for you for today's blog and MY COMPUTER ATE IT.


I'm over my computer. I'm over the cat that won't get off my head. I'm over the dog that keeps dropping his ball on my keyboard. I'm over today, to be frank.

Yes I'm still on deadline ... can you tell?

Okay, let's do this. I have a book coming out soon. IT HAD TO BE YOU. It's about a detective on leave after a high profile case gone bad. He comes to Lucky Harbor for peace and quiet, and instead finds a bombshell brunette in her lingerie standing in his kitchen. Kinda the opposite of peace and quiet ...

Would you like an excerpt?

Lieutenant Detective Luke Hanover had been away from the San Francisco Police Department for exactly one day of his three week leave and already he