From The Cat

Yeah, it's me, the cat. What's it to ya? Jill's on deadline, and frankly you should be grateful it's me instead of her. She's grumpy. I mean a cat jumps up onto the counter and eats the leftovers ONE TIME, and no one lets her forget it... sheesh.


Anyway, Jill will be back on Monday. In the meantime, she's asked me to as you what you're all reading. Now, she's nicer than me. She wouldn't trouble you to ask what you're reading of HERS. She wouldn't be so rude. Me, I like rude.

So? What are you reading of hers? Crap. She's looking. Fine, fine, scratch that. What are you reading, and it totally doesn't have to be one of hers. Even if a certain cat needs some new catnip...