Thurday's Musings

Okay so I've got the damn flu for the SECOND time, and it's morphed into bronchitis and a sinus infection. Yesterday I had to get a shot. A SHOT. I'm still all butt hurt. Literally.


Anyway, I'm lying on the couch holding my head on. My book is due. My house is dirty. And we're out of milk. Alpha Man is stepping up but he has drawn the line at finishing my book. (and you don't want to know how he suggested I wrote some of THOSE scenes. Men.) So I lie here watching TV, and because I can't find the remote and the channel is stuck on Duck Dynasty, I've had to resort to watching Hulu. (and not because I don't like Duck Dynasty but because I've seen them all -- I should apologize for that but what can I say, I have a not-so-secret white trash side to me).

So now I'm inhaling Chicago Fire like it's my job. I'm in love. A couple of times over. After I run out of Chicago Fire episodes, I plan to switch back to my old favorite, Friends on dvd seasons 1-10. Yes, all of them.

What are you watching?