Hump Day

Went for a walk today with Frat Boy and before he left I told him he had to be on his BEST behavior. Unlike yesterday when he barked at the new neighbor because he was wearing a hat. Frat Boy doesn't like hats. Anyway, he promised to behave himself and off we went. Halfway up the trail we came across a cat. Yes a cat. I don't know why, I didn't have time to ask the cat because Frat Boy chased it up a tree. Rude.

A woman came around the bend and she was mad. She had a dog with her and she said she and her dog walk her cat every day and that if I couldn't control Frat Boy, I needed a leash. Okay, she was right. I felt so bad. I promised that usually Frat Boy loves cats, and I turned around to point at Frat Boy and what was he doing?

Humping her dog.

I give up.