I've been a BAD girl

Update:I went to random.org for five random winners, and they are: Amanda R, Bailey Stewart, Kelly Pink, Carrie, and Heidi. Congrats! And email me with with a few book choices and your addy.

Original post: I didn't name the winners from my last two blog contests. I am SO VERY SORRY. I'd like to list out all the reasons why including a very bad back issue and then bronchitis and then giving a very last minute keynote speech at a conference (which was actually, gasp, fun!) but I can't because though it's all true, I don't like excuses. I tell the teens that excuses are just like certain unmentionable portions of our anatomy, and that everyone's got one and they all stink... can I say that here? Probably not. Let's just stick with I'm sorry. :oops:

So today a new contest, and I SOLEMNLY PINKY SWEAR that I will name a winner before I go to bed. Well, 99% chance anyway, barring my crappy internet going out again or yet another teenage emergency of one situation or another.

So here it is. What was the last book of mine you read, and if you remember, your favorite part. That's all you have to do and you're in the running. I will pick five random winners for the book of their choice from my backlist. Sound okay? We're all still friends? Love ya. Now go forth and have a great Monday.