Bears oh my

So I was taking out the trash and came face to face with this.

We took one startled look at each other and decided ... WTF!!! I turned tail and ran faster than I run when there are cookies on sale at Safeway, straight into the house and, because I love you, grabbed my camera and hit the deck.

The big bastard was still there, right there, eyeballing the trash I'd dropped. Except ...

He wasn't alone.

And then while I took a very big gulp and waved and said "hey guys, you take all the trash you want" ... something happened. ANOTHER head popped up.

I offered them all of my cookies but they said no thanks, they were good with my trash, thank you very much. Apparently, we here at the Shalvis abode give very good trash.

I'm still trying to recover. It might be awhile ...

p.s. I'll be drawing names from today's commenters, and giving away free books!