Hump Day

It seems apropos to have Pretend Boyfriend Day on Hump Day, doesn't it? Not only is this guy my pretend boyfriend, but he's also the hero I'm writing now. IT HAD TO BE YOU comes out in May, with sexy Detective Luke Hanover. One of his best friends is equally sexy badass Ben McDaniel, and in my mind Ben looks a little like this:


Yes, it's a tough job, I know, searching the internet for people who look like my characters but hey, someone's got to do it.

Oh and before I go, the 100 winners of the ARCs of IT HAD TO BE YOU have been picked and notified by my publisher. If you didn't win, don't despair, there will be another shot at it coming soon.

In fact, I'll be drawing one name from the comments here because I have -- GASP -- one ARC left in my possession.