Thursdays Musings and a Giveaway

So it's been a rough few days. We lost Ashes and then the cat vanished. Turns out she'd crawled into the dryer when I'd pulled something out of there -- and then somehow she got shut in. Overnight. Yes, it's true, I nearly killed the cat on the same day I lost our beloved dog. Only me... Anyway, good news is that Sadie was found this morning fine and well if not a little pissed off. :smile: And she and Frat Boy haven't left my side for a single minute ever since. Here I am attempting to work with one on either side of me.


And one of them has some serious gas. Just sayin'. I used to blame Ashes for the stinkiness but apparently it wasn't her! And it isn't me, at least not today... :oops:

Anyway, I need some cheering up. So how about a giveaway? You tell me your favorite book of mine and why, and I'll draw a few names from the comments, and you'll get the book of your choice from my back list, print or ebook.