The One With The Pretty Pics

Just spent the past two days in glorious, sunny, WARM San Francisco.


Okay, so not warm per se, but compared to Tahoe, it was practically bikini weather. Except I wasn't there for bikini weather. I was there to see my spine surgeon, who works out of UCSF. Right next to where a little team called San Francisco Giants occasionally play. :razz:


The good news. I love San Francisco and I love my spine surgeon. The bad news. I might have to have surgery at some point this year. More good news. If I do have surgery, I could be skiing by the 2014 season...

Food for thought. Anyway, while in the city we spent some time with Oldest! Oh how happy I am that she's graduated from UCLA and working at her big girl job in San Francisco. It means she's close! We had a lovely visit. And ate so much that I'm still full.


Oh and to the bum who started to ask me for money and then realized I was limping worse than he was and offered me his "Need Money, Can't Work" sign, thank you. Never let it be said that San Franciscans aren't caring and compassionate. :razz: